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Parole Hearings

Going before a Parole Board Hearing? Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel can help!

If you are appearing in front of a Parole Board Hearing it is wise to have a lawyer present that is familiar as to how these boards work. Geraldine Castle-Trudel has that experience and can help you put your best case forward.

The board needs to know that you can integrate back into society in a way in which it gives you the best chance at success while at the same time protecting the safely of the general public.

The parole hearing is your “opportunity” to convince the board members you can be successful in the community. You don’t want to blow it! Geraldine will walk you through what you need to do and can be there to advocate on your behalf.

Types of Release/Parole Granted

  • Temporary Absence
  • Day Parole 
  • Full Parole 
  • Statutory Release (The Parole Board of Canada can detain an offender until the end of the sentence or add specific conditions to the statutory release plan..)

Appeal Hearings

If you have been turned down for parole, you have the right to appeal! You or your lawyer can appeal a Board decision by sending a written notice stating the grounds for the appeal (as well as any supporting documents) within two months after the original decision was made by the Parole Board.

Geraldine Castle-Trudel is experienced in dealing with all kinds of Parole Hearing and Appeals. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

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