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Murder Charges

Charged with First or Second degree Murder in Ottawa? Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel can help!

If you have been charged with first or second degree murder, manslaughter or infanticide you need the very best representation possible. Geraldine Castle-Trudel has the experience and skills to fight for your legal rights. Don’t take chances with your freedom, call for an immediate free consultation. Our 24 hr. Hotline is 613-237-8409.

What is culpable homicide?

Culpable homicide is defined as causing the death of another person by means of an unlawful act, criminal negligence or causing the death of someone by means of threats, fear of violence or anything else they may cause death.

Types of Homicide Offences


Manslaughter is a culpable homicide which is not murder or infanticide but falls into one of two categories the first being “involuntary” manslaughter or criminal negligence causing death which means that there was no intent to cause the death the other person.

The second category is “voluntary” manslaughter where there is intent to cause bodily harm but with extenuating circumstances.


Infanticide is the killing of a newly-born child by its mother and is often the result of post-partum depression.


Murder charges can either be first or second degree.

First Degree Murder is the premeditated taking of another person’s life. The charge of first degree murder is made under the following circumstances;

  • If the murder is a planned deliberate act.
  • If the murder was contracted.
  • The murder of on or off duty peace officers including police officers, prison staff etc. 
  • A murder while engaged in Hijacking, sexual assault, or kidnapping. 
  • Criminal harassment i.e. “stalking”. 
  • Murder while engaged in a terrorist activity.

Second Degree Murder is basically the murder of an individual that does not fall under the definition of “first degree”.

Geraldine Castle-Trudel is effective in defending clients charged with murder, manslaughter and Infanticide. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

For immediate response call our 24 hr. Hotline 613-237-8409. for a free initial consultation.

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