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Long Term Offender Applications

Fight a Long Term Offender Application? Contact Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Gerry Castle-Trudel today!

If the Crown is seeking to designate you a “long term offender” you need to call Gerry right away. The consultation is free and may mean the difference of spending years behind bars or walking free.

When your freedom is a stake you need an Ottawa criminal lawyer with experience and determination to successfully fight for you. Gerry Castle -Trudel is the fighter you want on your side.

What is the different between a Dangerous Offender and a Long Term Offender?

The "long-term offender" designation imposed on the offender by the sentencing judge is the actual sentence of the court, under Criminal Code s.753.1. This law also applies to those convicted of and are at risk of committing sexual offences in the community. Prison sentences and parole periods are much longer if you have this designation.

Dangerous Offenders can spend the rest of their lives in jail!

The dangerous offender designation is sought for individuals who are thought to be high risk for re-offending. Individuals that have been found guilty of violent or sexual crimes are more likely to have this designation.

Who Decides?

The decision to declare someone a dangerous or long-term offender is made by a judge. The Crown has six months to apply for the designations from the date you have been found guilty prior to sentencing.

Gerry Castle-Trudel is effective in defending clients fighting “Long Term Offender” designations. Her proven track record speaks for itself.

For immediate response call our 24 hr. Hotline 613-237-8409 for a free initial consultation.

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