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Impaired Drunk Driving Ottawa

Been Charged with DUI, DWI, Impaired, over 80, Drunk or Reckless Driving in Ottawa? Criminal Lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel can Help!

In today’s anti-drinking and driving environment, being charged under the Traffic Act for any of these offences is taken very seriously by the courts. Getting the proper defence is of really important as penalties can range from *fines to suspended licences to jail time.

Ottawa criminal lawyer Geraldine Castel-Tudel is effective in dealing with Police testimony, breathalyzer and intoxilyzer test results and other technical and legal issues. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Why take the chance. For immediate response call our 24 hr. Hotline 613-237-8409.

Thinking of pleading guilty to a DUI, over 80 or impaired Driving charges in Ottawa?

*Once you are convicted of a Impaired Driving, Driving Over 80 mg, or breath sample refusal in Ontario, you will face the following;

  • Your drivers licence will be suspended for a minimum of one year.
  • You will have a criminal record.
  • You will have to pay a fine of $600 – $2000 dollars.
  • Your insurance rates will skyrocket.
  • You may be required to pay for the installation of an ignition interlock device.(approx.$1300)
  • You may be required to take a license reinstatement program before your drivers licence is reinstated. ($475.)


Don’t let this happen to you!

Why not put our years of experience and a proven track record to work for you, contact us on our live 24/7 hot line 613-237-8409 right now. The consultation is free.

Recent results for driving and motor vehicle offences in the Ottawa area.

Section 253(b) (Driving Over 80)

Result: Acquitted at Trial

Section 253(b) (Driving Impaired) and Section 249(a) (Dangerous Driving)

Result: Dismissed - Charter violation

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