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Immigration Board Hearings

Are you going before an Immigration Review Board Hearing? Call Ottawa Criminal lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel!

The Immigration Review Board (IRB) hears your case and will decide whether you can come into Canada or stay in Canada. The IRB’s decisions are legally binding and operate just like a regular court but the proceedings are less formal. If you are asked to appear before the IRB contact Geraldine immediately! You could be deported.

What happens you gain admittance or can remain in Canada?


If it is decided that you are admissible, you’ll be allowed to enter or remain in Canada. If are presently detained the order will be given for your release!

What happens if your application is refused?

This means that if you are here in Canada you must leave or if you want to come to Canada you can’t. A removal order will be issued and you will be deported.

Avoid Deportation!

You best chance of staying in or coming to Canada is to have proper legal representation! Geraldine will fight on you behalf to make certain all your legal rights are protected and you stand the best chance of getting the positive result you want.

Free Consultation

Why not call Geraldine today, the consultation is free, and put all her dedication, expertise and experience to work for you.

Geraldine’s proven track record speaks for itself. For immediate response call our 24 hr. Hotline 613-237-8409.

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