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Drug Trafficking and Possession

Drug Trafficking or Possession Charges in Ottawa? Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel can help!

If you have been charged under the criminal code for drug trafficking, possession or any other drug related charges, Ottawa Criminal lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel is you best defence.

As a successful drug defence lawyer Geraldine has an in-depth knowledge of police criminal investigations, surveillance, wiretapping, search warrants, controlled buys and other techniques used by police.

With her years of experience successfully defending clients her proven track record speaks for itself. Why take chances, call our 24/7 Hot Line 613-237-8409 and arrange a free consultation.

Ottawa Lawyer talks about consequences of Drug related convictions.

You could lose everything!” It isn’t just jail time and fines anymore. Under the Conservative government’s new crime legislation they can go after your assets. If the Crown can prove your home, vehicles, boats, jewellery and cash are the “proceeds of crime" then they can take them.
Today, more than ever before, you need experienced and effective legal counsel. 

Good outcomes just don’t happen. Why not call Geraldine Castle –Trudel for a free consultation to understand your legal rights and what you need to do to defend yourself against your criminal charges.

Why take chances, call our 24/7 Hot Line 613-237-8409 and arrange a free consultation today.

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Recent Cases:

Section 4, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Possession of a Substance)

Result: Donation made - charges withdrawn

Section 4 x 2 Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Possession of a Substance) and section 145 Criminal Code (Escape lawful custody)
Result: Thirty days jail

Marijuana Possession

If you are found guilty of marijuana possession you may be facing a criminal record that can cause travel and employment issues in the future.  Being represented by a good marijuana defence lawyer is the best way to avoid a drug conviction and its repercussions.

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