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Castle-Trudel Criminal Defense Lawyer
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  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act Charges
  • All Young Offender Charges
  • Appeals, Hearings and Boards
  • All Criminal Charges
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Criminal Lawyer Petawawa

Criminal Lawyer Petawawa

Welcome to our “Criminal lawyer Petawawa” page. If you have been charged with a criminal offence the first thing you need to do is stop talking to the police. The second thing you need to do is call Petawawa criminal lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel. If you are a member of the Canadian Armed forces then we have arranged for you to get a Military Discount on our legal fees.

6 things you need to know about Petawawa Criminal Lawyer Geraldine Castle –Trudel


1.       You’re in good hands! Geraldine’s criminal defence team has help hundreds of people, just like you, who have been charged with a criminal offence.  We know the toll it can take on your personal, family and professional life. We will help you get through it.

2.       No cost consultation. Geraldine’s consultation is free. You can find out about your legal options at no cost to you.

3.       We keep you informed. Not knowing is worst thing.  Knowing what is going on is important. We know this and will keep you informed and Up to date and what’s going on with your case.

4.       Fair Rates. You get an uncompromising legal defence at reasonable rates.

5.       Success in court. Our winning record speaks for itself.

6.       It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. Our job is to make sure your legal rights are protected & you’re given a smart, aggressive defence no matter what your charges are. It doesn’t matter to us if you are innocent or guilty. Our Job is to defend individuals – not judge them! Everyone is welcome.

Don’t Plead Guilty!

Often people make the mistake of pleading guilty to charges that they should not plead guilty to. Prosecutors will “pile on“ the charges to force clients into taking a plea that they simply don’t have to. It’s a pressure tactic they use to scare you. Don’t be intimidated call us for a free consultation right now.

Free Legal Consultation

You have everything to gain and a lot to lose by not taking advantage of our free consultation. The proper legal advice can keep you from getting a criminal record and even save you from jail time. Find out what your legal rights are. Petawawa Criminal Lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel will fight to get you off all your charges making sure you get the very best legal representation. Call right now.

Castle-Trudel Criminal Defence Lawyer
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