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Castle-Trudel Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Driving and all other Provincial Offences
  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act Charges
  • All Young Offender Charges
  • Appeals, Hearings and Boards
  • All Criminal Charges
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Client Testimonials (Ottawa Criminal Law)

The whole firm is outstanding. They provide quick, efficient, polite service all the time 24/7.
I called at 2.00 in the morning from the police cells. From that moment on she was there for me working on my case.
I thought that I was going to jail and I have never been so terrified. However she reassured me and eventually the charges were withdrawn.
I had to have quick and efficient service or I was going to loose my job. She delivered both, and I am still working with no criminal record.
She was the only lawyer I spoke to who made it clear that she believed me when I said I was innocent. She ran and Trial and I was acquitted. It doesn't get better than that.
Experience pays off, She knows the law and how to get the result you want quickly and efficiently.
Fixed rate fees are the way to go. Hourly fees means you have no idea what the end cost will be and often it's a huge bill and time is wasted.
Ms. Castle-Trudel saved my job. I was able to drive again in three months.
Great service and a real relief to know what it would cost at the outset - no hidden fees or charges.
Down to earth and realistic. Geraldine took the time to make everything understandable to me: not your usual lawyer double-talk, and the results were great.