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Criminal Lawyer Belleville

criminal lawyer belleville ontario

Many clients say to me “I'm Guilty! Why should I hire a Lawyer?” ” The answer is simple” says

Belleville criminal lawyer

Geraldine Castle-Trudel. “You have a constitutional right to fair trial, whether you are guilty or not.”

That is probably reason enough to hire a lawyer if you have committed or been arrested for committing a crime. Even if you are guilty, it is advisable to hire a lawyer, not just because you have a right to do so, but because a lawyer obviously has more knowledge of the law than you do and hence, knows which facts should be presented to the judge and jury and when and how to present them.

Before you make any decision about pleading guilty call our 24/7 Hot Line at 613-237-8409. You need to be aware of what a guilty plea could mean for the rest of your life. Make the call and speak with Geraldine. The consultation is free.

6 things you need to know about Belleville Criminal Lawyer Geraldine Castle –Trudel

1.       You’re in good hands! Geraldine’s criminal defence team has help hundreds of people, just like you, who have been charged with a criminal offence.  We know the toll it can take on your personal, family and professional life. We will help you get through it.

2.       No cost consultation. Geraldine’s consultation is free. You can find out about your legal options at no cost to you.

3.       We keep you informed. Not knowing is worst thing.  Knowing what is going on is important. We know this and will keep you informed and Up to date and what’s going on with your case.

4.       Fair Rates. You get an uncompromising legal defence at reasonable rates.

5.       Success in court. Our winning record speaks for itself.

6.       It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. Our job is to make sure your legal rights are protected & you’re given a smart, aggressive defence no matter what your charges are. It doesn’t matter to us if you are innocent or guilty. Our Job is to defend individuals – not judge them! Everyone is welcome.

Arrested in Belleville

When you are first arrested, the arresting officer must have probable cause to arrest you. This means there must have reason enough to believe that you have committed an offence.

For example, if you have been charged with breaking and entering, the Belleville prosecutor should be able to prove that there is cause to believe that you made a forced entry. At this stage a lawyer can challenge the arrest by proving that the investigating officers had no probable cause.

Arraigned in Belleville

Being arrested does not necessarily mean that you are being charged of the offence. The prosecution has to formally present the facts in court. At this stage, you would either plead guilty to the charge or appeal for bail. This is known as arraignment.

You can retain a lawyer in Belleville at this stage to help prove that the officer who arrested you had no reason to do so. An attorney, who is experienced in such matters, can help you take the right decision and, can either get you released on a lesser bail or get a plea bargain whereby you can plead guilty to a lesser charge and thus get an easier sentence.

The Case

After the arraignment, your case goes to trial. Here again, both sides will present the facts of the case to the judge. The prosecuting lawyer must prove all points beyond reasonable doubt.

For example, if you hit your friend in your house, you may be charged with domestic violence. But since your friend does not live in the same house, domestic violence cannot be proved. A lawyer would be aware of such subtle differences.


A lawyer would also have knowledge of similar cases, called precedents, where the judge ruled in favour of the defendant. Such precedents are acceptable in court and often judges base their decisions on these precedents.

The Sentence

Once all the facts have been presented, the judge passes judgement on the case and you may be convicted and sentenced on the charge. At this stage, the prosecutor presents the incriminating facts and the defendant has to counter them with mitigating facts.

It is important to know exactly which facts to present and how to present them. For example, in aberration or being under influence of alcohol may prove detrimental in one case and mitigating in another. A lawyer can advise you of which facts you must put before the judge and which you can leave out.

Here is the ‘Bottom Line”

Guilty or not you need legal advice. There are way too many things to consider and unless you know what they are it would be extremely unwise to plead guilty without having legal representation. Call Belleville criminal lawyer Geraldine Castel-Trudel for a free consultation before making a plea.

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