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Man cleared of sex assault may be deported

Filed under: Press Release

Originally posted in the Ottawa Sun

The man cleared of a men’s room sex attack on a teen with a diaper fetish remains in jail on an immigration hold.

Immigration authorities will hold a hearing Thursday to determine if Jamal Harouya should stay in custody as they mull over whether or not to try deporting him, lawyer Geraldine Castle-Trudel said Wednesday.

An immigration warrant for Harouya, who’s from Morocco but has permanent resident status here, was issued in November while he was in jail awaiting trial for the sex charges, Castle-Trudel said.

It was news to Harouya, who heard nothing from authorities until after his acquittal, when guards at the courthouse cellblock told him he wouldn’t be allowed to leave.

Castle-Trudel was livid.

“Why not execute (the warrant), or tell him? she said. “(They) had it in November and did nothing. This is not how to do it.”

A spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency said immigration authorities will generally wait for criminal prosecutions to wrap up before moving in.

Harouya does have past criminal convictions, most recently for perjury in Quebec. He is appealing that charge and was granted bail by the Quebec appeals court.

A permanent resident may be deported if convicted of a serious crime, according to information on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website

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