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Castle-Trudel Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Driving and all other Provincial Offences
  • Controlled Drugs & Substances Act Charges
  • All Young Offender Charges
  • Appeals, Hearings and Boards
  • All Criminal Charges
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Why Choose Castle-Trudel Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you need an expert, experienced criminal law lawyer, to represent you, Geraldine Castle-Trudel is a lawyer you should consider. If you have been charged under the Criminal Code, a Provincial Offences Act, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, if you wish to Appeal, or have to appear before a Board or Hearing Panel you can rely on Geraldine. She will provide the representation you need, and has a reputation for getting excellent results at a price you know you can afford.

Know What The Total Cost Will Be

Geraldine bills on a flat rate basis so that, from the outset, you know exactly what it is going to cost you when you ask her to represent you. No unexpected, additional bills for refreshing the retainer, billable hours, telephone calls, consultations, letters or any of the other charges that can make a lawyer’s bill more than you can afford, or ever expected. When you need a person who can argue your criminal law case, examine the evidence and work at getting the best outcome for you at a price you can afford, Geraldine Castle-Trudel is the lawyer you are looking for.

A Lawyer Who Lets You Be Part Of The Decision Making

When the time comes to make decision-making that will affect your future, you can rely on Geraldine Castle-Trudel to help you understand your options and assist you when you make decisions about your case. She will focus on your needs, and goals, when representing you in a fair and ethical manner. Her track record and reputation have developed as a result of her dedication to criminal law and her ability to represent the best interests of her clients. You will find that Geraldine’s commitment to quality representation begins with prompt responses to your questions, a frank explanation of your options and a thorough preparation of your case.
Castle-Trudel Criminal Defence Lawyer
403-331 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON
(613) 237-8409